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Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Mr. Miller has served on more than 1000 cases as an expert witness or consultant in the property management field since 1996.

Cases in which Mr. Miller has expertise:

  • Accident or assault - safety/security conditions, standards of care
  • Improper eviction - standards of practice, lease interpretation
  • Unpaid rent - common practice, habitability standards
  • Contractor dispute - access, safety, loss of profits, change in value
  • Partnership dispute - valuation, due diligence, highest and best use
  • Bankruptcy - highest and best use, valuation, standards of practice
  • Animal control - standards of practice, local law analysis
  • Security Deposits - standards of practice
  • Association board responsibilities, Management duties

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Training - Workshops and Seminars

Mr. Miller has provided corporate and professional training classes for more than 20 years. He has trained thousands of today's real estate professional and over 650 property management companies have participated in his courses. His courses, offered through NAR and IREM, consistently rate for the highest level of professionalism, content, and usefulness.

Maximizing Profit: Growth Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies

Explore new ways, both conventional and non-traditional, to identify and cultivate opportunities for long-term profitability. While real estate inventories are shrinking, competition for fee management clients is increasing. This course provides an opportunity to examine your company's strengths and weaknesses and create unique strategies to expand your business. “Maximizing Profit: Growth Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies” includes:

  • Assessing your company
  • Evaluating the competition
  • Developing a business plan
  • Identifying opportunities for growth
  • See IREM Website - Course BDM601

Leadership for Today's Real Estate Manager

Become a more innovative leader, motivator, and team builder using an interactive approach that turns theory into practice. This advanced course is designed for those in upper-level management positions looking to become more effective leaders with an enhanced ability to manage people, processes, and profits. “Leadership for Today's Real Estate Manager” includes:

  • Current leadership theory
  • Effective leadership qualities
  • Developing a culture of leadership
  • Leading through times of change
  • Creating a personal action plan
  • See IREM Website - Course HRS603

Essentials of International Real Estate

An overview of the international real estate business environment including currency issues, investment trends, government regulations, and cross-cultural relationships. Experienced faculty will share the practical aspects of international brokerage, networking, marketing, and selling. The Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) course curriculum is the educational foundation of the CIPS Network. This course is a prerequisite for all other CIPS courses.

Acquire New Business in Real Estate Management

The foundation of an effective program to acquire new business is based on the integration of many functions -- planning, organizing, implementation, and control. The success of acquiring new business accounts can be directly attributed to how well each of the these functions is carried out. Those of you attending this course who are responsible for new business at your company must develop systems, policies, and procedures which will support and direct this mission. The number of new accounts you acquire will reflect how well you have brought together and carried out the process of planning, organizing, implementation and control.

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Real Estate Management Consulting - Property Analysis

Mr. Miller has the experience to help corporate clients understand their leasing, maintenance, security, personnel, and accounting practices to become an efficient, effective, and profitable organization. His consulting services provide an effective tool that you can use for strategic or tactical problems. Buying a property management company, evaluating a new property, or determining how to provide best practices in your existing organization are all part of Mr. Millers services.

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Invited Speaker - Conference, Keynote, or Corporate

As the former President of the Robert A. McNeil Corporation, Secretary General of the International Real Estate Federation (World Property Management Committee), past President of the World Federation of Real Estate Brokers (FIABCI), for the United States Chapter, World Chairman of the International Real Estate Federation (Property Management Division), and a former member of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Mr. Miller has extensive experience as a conference speaker in venues throughout the world. Call Mr. Miller to speak to him about your opportunity. His dynamic personality and vast experiences provide an excellent background for him to provide your conference or event the ultimate persona to invigorate and motivate your real estate professionals.

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